Message from the Board

 August 2023.  Dave Stricklan, Ph D 

The Winds of Change

For me, the winds of change are generally a gentle and persistent, one-way breeze at my back. At times in my life, and I suppose in yours as well, those winds have turned savage and cruel. Those are times to be survived, not vanquished. But generally, the winds of change just fill my sails and push me towards tomorrow, provisioning me with an indistinct sense of gentle transformation until I reach some waypoint that clearly delineates the passage of time and circumstance.

The Friends of Camas is at such a waypoint. We have matriculated through the bureaucracy and missteps of a nascent and then maturing non-profit. We learned the ways of and worked closely with the Fish & Wildlife Service and refuge staff. A game but small group of folks developed and formalized bylaws and a website. We got a grant for the education pavilion and bought hats and vests. We set up and held public events. We established educational programs and a fantastic pollinator garden. We were the fortunate recipient of a large legacy gift and put our little non-profit on sound financial footing for the future. We have contributed to the interpretation of how to apply the large F&WS funding block obtained by Refuge Manager Brian Wehausen, and supported the scientific bird banding project, and a bunch of other things. But now the winds of change have brought us to an obvious waypoint.

We need meaningful additions to the core support group and Board Members of the Friends of Camas. We need thoughtful folks with interest to move the Friends group and refuge toward the future. The good news is that the qualification to participate is willingness and dependability. One does not need to be a master birder or papered educator, just a thoughtful person with good intentions. All of which is to say: We are accepting applications for new Board Members to the Friends of Camas NWR. If you have any interest at all in participating in directing and maintaining the Friend’s legacy of fostering environmental education, conservation, and scientific study on the refuge for the benefit of the resources and enjoyment by the public, please send a brief (very brief) statement of interest and a short resume or bio to me at:

Joining the Friends of Camas effort is fun and rewarding and there is a place for you to help.

Refuge Manager's Notes

Brian Wehausen, 

Camas National Wildlife Refuge

What's New   

Birds, Bugle and Brunch is back!!!

    Friends of Camas is hosting the annual Birds, Bugle and Brunch event!!
September 23rd            8:00am - 12:00pm
  • Hot Breakfast (RSVP:
  • Hourly Hayrides (to listen for elk bugling)
  • Guided Bird Walks
  • Visit with Bird Banding Scientists
  • Youth Activities
  • Visit with FOC Board Members (Discuss current and future projects)

Free, Fun, and Family-Friendly!




Friends of Camas NWR Inc. 
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