Message from the Board

FOC Photo Contest Winners 2021


Grand - Swans - Mary Ann Igoe

First - Osprey with 2 fish - Mary Ann Igoe

Second - Merganser - Patricia Alexander-Johnson

Third - Stilts - Patricia Alexander-Johnson

Honorable Mention - Virginia Rail - Patty Pickett

Refuge Manager's Notes

Brian Wehausen, 

Camas National Wildlife Refuge July 19, 2021

This unusually hot and dry weather continues to take a toll on Refuge habitat, especially wetland resources.  Without the creek water, we were not able to put much water on the landscape with our wells, and things continue to get worse.  Many visitors asking the question. why we do not have any water in our ponds.

As could be predicted the numbers of birds using the Refuge this summer certainly has been much lower than normal and I would be bet this trend will continue through the fall.  Have not seen many broods on the water we do have, and speculating many of the breeding waterfowl headed to areas with more water. 

Despite our conditions, folks have been able to see wildlife while visiting the Refuge.  A moose cow with two calves is still hanging around and a small bull moose can also be spotted from time to time.  Deer, elk and antelope, and the other big game animals that folks have been able to spot, and of course the best times are morning and then again towards sundown.

In our biology staff along with help from the Master Naturalist program have been conducting vegetation surveys the last week on the Refuge.  The Master Naturalist program once again has been a huge help to us in getting many tasks completed.   To get all the things done we want to accomplish, we also have two temporary Biological Technician on board along with two interns that are employed by the Great Basin Institute.  The crew this year has been spending a great deal of time mapping and treating noxious weeds on refuge lands.  We are treating many acres and will be super helpful in our long-term goals with habitat management.

If you are visiting the refuge please remember to bring extra water with you on these hot days if you plan to get out of your car and explore.  Also, be kind to the critter, it is hot on them as well and if you spook them, simply move in the opposite direction they are headed and give them a chance to settle down and not have to run a long distance to escape your presence.

What's New 

The Camas Wildlife Refuge is open and it's a great place to visit with the family.  Bring a lunch and enjoy a nature walk or a drive through the refuge.  And please share your pictures from the experinece with us.




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