Message from the Board

2022 Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize

Photographer: Jack Charter   

Photograph:  Great Blue Heron 

First Place

Photographer: Dan Orr  

Photograph:  Bee on Flower 

Second Place

Photographer: Mark Kalakay  

Photograph:  Fish Dinner

Third Place

Photographer: Mark Kalakay

Photograph:  Western Grebe

Honorable Mention

Photographer: Michael Chatt   

Photograph:  Spider Web

Refuge Manager's Notes

Brian Wehausen, 

Camas National Wildlife Refuge

What's New 

Notice to Visitors of Camas NWR

We have entered that magical time of the year known as spring migration.  For folks who are planning a trip to Camas NWR to see this migration in full swing, please be aware that the Refuge is currently dry and will likely remain that way for most of 2022, especially in the area around the auto-tour route.  In most years we would use our groundwater wells to fill some of our wetland areas to provide open water habitat for migrating waterfowl and other birds.  However, this spring we will not be operating our wells as we are on the verge of starting a construction project to improve water management capabilities for the future.  Some of the work requires that our wetlands will need to remain dry.

Additionally, temporary closures of the auto-tour route may occur at any time during construction (May thru October 2022) for the safety of visitors and construction crews.

We appreciate the patience of our visitors and look forward to the completion of this project that will improve the Refuge for wildlife and those who visit.  If you want more information about the current status of water or access to the Refuge please call the office at (208) 662-5423 or email the Refuge Manager at:




Friends of Camas NWR Inc. 
2150 E 2350 N
Hamer, ID 83425