Peregrine Tower

Peregrine Falcon Nesting TowerIn 1983 Camas NWR entered a cooperative effort with Utah Power and Light, the Peregrine Fund and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to support a Peregrine Falcon nesting tower on the Refuge. The tower was erected in 1983 and that first year three young Peregrine Falcons were hacked (trained to live in the wild) at the site; two chicks survived.   Captive hatched chicks were hacked back to the wild from the tower until 1988 when it was discovered that adult Peregrine Falcons occupied the tower as a nesting site.  Since that time the tower on Camas NWR has been active every year, and successfully fledged young all years but three.  A total of 52 Peregrine Falcons have been produced into the wild from the Camas Nesting Tower.

Peregrine Report 2012