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Totality at Camas by Mark Mento, 08.21.2017

September 10, 2017

Camas National Wildlife Refuge was the focus of two significant events in the last month: one everyone has heard about, and the other less publicized. First, the August 21 Total Eclipse of the Sun brought nearly 400 vehicles to Camas NWR to view this spectacular celestial event. As predicted, it was a cloudless sky and, unlike many days in eastern Idaho, nearly windless. Conditions were perfect for eclipse viewing. The additional Fish and Wildlife personnel at the Refuge for the event, coupled with Friends Volunteers, coordinated a hassle free, safe and sane experience. Excerpts from some visitor notes:

Julie M. -- First visit to the refuge for the eclipse. Best event management I have ever experienced! Thank you for providing such a great venue for a once in a lifetime experience!!

Kay W. -- Our first visit to the refuge was to view the 2017 solar eclipse. The refuge is truly wonderful; staff and volunteers are equally wonderful. Thanks to all of you who helped create such a welcoming and well-organized site for the eclipse. I'll be back.

Meg W. -- I was there predawn for viewing the eclipse. A beautiful location for watching the day begin. The staff did an excellent job of organizing us so that in spite of the huge amount of traffic, we moved smoothly into parking places that were spread out enough that it did not feel crowded. I loved being in a natural setting where besides the sun, we could observe the changes in the birds, frogs, and crickets. Moments before totality, an owl glided overhead and landed on a nearby tree.

Check out the Friends of Camas Facebook page for eclipse photos from Camas (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camas-National-Wildlife-Refuge/140976605927853 ), and visit this site for an account of one photographer’s experience: http://usfwspacific.tumblr.com/post/164792999485/photographer-finds-perfect-location-stunning

And, here is a link to some dramatic pix, including a 360 degree pan, from Marc Jobin, Montreal, Canada: https://marcophoto.updog.co/

The second big event in August was a visit to the Refuge by a Great Crested Flycatcher. Avid birder Hilary Turner (U MT Wildlife Biology grad) first spotted this eastern US species in the Headquarters area (Redstart Lane) August 29. She contacted former Friends Board Member Darren Clark, who subsequently photo-verified the identification (see pic at left) and spread the word through the various Idaho Birding social media. Consequently dozens of birders from across the state have come to Camas to observe this FIRST IDAHO RECORD of a Great Crested Flycatcher. Camas continues to be a hotspot for birding rarities in the state!

The last bit of news is that after four years at the helm, I am stepping down as President of the Board of Friends of Camas. Unfortunately, there is no successor waiting it the wings for the opportunity to lead this organization. The board will divide the president’s duties. This forum will become “View from the Board”, where a different board member will contribute his/her thoughts each month. Because my name is associated with this organization on several grant contracts, agreements, and contact lists, I will remain as a titular head for signing documents and other simple administrative tasks until a successor steps forward. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve as President of Friends of Camas. I cannot adequately express my admiration for, and thanks to, my fellow board members, and the absolutely outstanding USFWS staff. Working with Brian Wehausen (Refuge Manager) and Tracy Cassleman (SE Idaho Refuge Complex Project Leader) has been both easy and productive. Thanks guys!

Fall is on its way. Come visit your local National Wildlife Refuge today.

Tim Reynolds, President (until September 16, 2017) Friends of Camas NWR

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What's New - September 15th, 2017

Pregrine Cam Offline for the winter. Check back in March 2018

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Fourth Annual Bugles, Birds and Brunch: Dicover Camas was another Success.

Early morning hay wagoneers heard many elk bugling and saw a herd of 100, plus deer, antelope, cranes, waterbirds, etc.  Birders led by Dr. Chuck Trost, Professor Emeritus of Ornithology at ISU, were treated to an abundance of migrating song birds, including a WHITE-EYED VIREO (only the second recorded sighting in Idaho), many species of warblers and flycatchers, plus 7 species of raptors.  Wahoo!!  Pix to be posted soon!




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