A View from the Board

Photo by Patty Pickett

November 23, 2017

The fall weather brings many changes to Camas National Wildlife Refuge.  Elk have congregated and are more visible.  Most of the summer resident and migratory birds have flown south, though there have been large numbers of Snow Geese and swans late in the fall. The big draw for many visitors in the winter will be the Bald Eagles that roost in the trees north headquarters; they should be arriving soon. So, autumn is quiet, ponds have started freezing over, and snow is not far off, but there are still jewels to be seen.  Plan on a fall/winter visit.

Fall has brought other changes as well.  Tim Reynolds, long-time chair of the Friends of Camas board has retired from that position.  He remains on the board and will be our legislative issues and grants coordinator.  Many projects were begun and others completed during his tenure including the pavilion near headquarters, the peregrine platform webcam and a great deal of work on the pollinator garden, also near the headquarters building.  Other activities include establishing the annual member meeting (Birds, Bugles, and Brunch) in September, the Bird-a-thon in May with our partner, Snake River Audubon Society, and Come to Roost with the Bald Eagles in February.  We expect all those to continue.

Another thank you is due to Chuck Trost, founding member of the Friends of Camas who has just retired from the board.  He has been an enthusiastic supporter of many of our projects and has led many a bird walk at Camas.  He has also been instrumental in the great support Friends of Camas NWR has received from the Portneuf Valley Audubon Society.  Professor emeritus at Idaho State University, he is a world traveler with an impressive life list and an inspiration to many of us.  

We will also be reporting regularly on the Rita Poe bequest that Friends of Camas received last spring.  We plan to use those funds judiciously to fund improvements to the Refuge in concert with Refuge management.  The funds have been conservatively invested and a majority of the dollars will be a de-facto endowment with the remainder used for projects as they identified by the board.

Linda Milam
Board Secretary

Linda Milam

What's New - September 15th, 2017

Pregrine Cam Offline for the winter. Check back in March 2018

Peregrine Cam Screenshot

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We welcomed two new Friends of Camas Board members this summer: Pam Johnson, retired FWS biologist, and Sue Braastad who has been critical to the development of the Pollinator Garden at Camas NWR.  

Refuge Notes

Signs of Winter Coming Abound.

Ponds are occasionally freezing overnight, and water fowl numbers are diminishing.

About 600 Sandhill Cranes are staging prior to migrating.

Deep well pumps which fill several ponds are being shut down for the winter.

Seven Trumpeter Swans were captured and fitted with green, numbered, neck collars as part of a region-wide population study.




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