2022 Events and Wildlife Calendar

2021 Events and Wildlife Calendar

Scheduled EVENTS are in all CAPS. Events may vary depending on COVID restrictions.

The wildlife dates below are average dates for bird and wildlife activities on the Refuge, based on many years of data. The actual date for any particular year may vary a week or more on either side of the average date.

Month/Day What's Happening


February 1             Great Horned Owls nesting

February 8             Bald Eagles numbers peak, they roost in trees near headquarters

February 13-28      COME TO ROOST.4:30 to SUNDOWN   (There will not be a hosted event, the public is welcomed to come to the refuge and watch the eagles "come to roost".  

March 1                 Red-winged Blackbirds begin establishing territories


March 5                 Sandhill Cranes return

March 10               Swans arrive in large numbers

March 15               Snow Geese in large numbers

March 20               Long-billed Curlews arrive

March 22               Tree Swallows arrive

March 25                Peregrine Falcons return to nest.

April 1                    Ducks #s and diversity at its peak

April 4                    Franklin’s Gulls arrive

April 15                  Swainson’s Hawks return

April 20                  Yellow-rumped Warblers arrive

April 25                  Spring Shorebird numbers peak

April 25                  Sagebrush Sparrows Arrive

April 28                  Western Kingbirds arrive


May 15                   Bullock’s Orioles arrive

May 8                    World Migratory Bird Day

May                      WORLD MIGRATORY BIRD DAY PUBLIC EVENT    To Be Determined

May 20                   Spring songbird migration peak activity 5/20-6/5

May 22                   Western Tanager numbers peak

May 24 to 31         BUCKS FOR BIRDS BIRDATHON-- ANY SINGLE DAY watch for details

May 28                   Sage grouse broods coming to Refuge to feed near wetlands

May 20                  Elk calving begins. You will start to see calves with mothers within a week or two  

June 1                    Common Nighthawks Arrive                       

June 15                  Deer fawning begins. Fawns will start accompanying mothers shortly thereafter

                              BIRDATHON POTLUCK PICNIC CELEBRATION 

July 5                    Peak number of waterfowl broods visible on wetlands

                             HENRYS FORK WILDLIFE ALLIANCE EVENT

July 15                  Young peregrine falcons take flight

August 15              Fall Shorebird numbers peak

August 20              Snowy Egret numbers peak

August 20              Wilson’s Warbler Numbers peak

August 20              Fall songbird migration peak activity 8/20-9/20

August 31              ANNUAL PHOTO CONTEST CLOSES

                            ANNUAL BIRDS, BUGLES AND BRUNCH EVENT 

October 1              Sandhill Crane numbers peak in fall

October 25            Good numbers of elk showing up in and around Refuge

November 15        White-tailed deer rutting activity begins to peak 11/10 - 11/20

December 8           American Tree Sparrows arrive