Learning All About Camas

Birds, moose, deer and other mammals, and wildflowers abound at Camas National Wildlife Refuge and so do opportunities to learn about them.  The Idaho Master Naturalists are working with Friends of Camas and refuge staff to provide tours and classes for Scouts, schools, gardening enthusiasts, 4-H groups, senior citizen centers, and others.  Classes and tours are tailored to specific interests as well as to the general public.

Scouts at all levels can complete requirements for several badges during a typical visit to Camas.  The Master Naturalists work with teachers to meet state curricula standards.  This summer, the Museum of Idaho's summer day camp scheduled a visit to Camas as well.  Typically, a  two-hour tour for these groups will include a general overview, driving the auto tour route with stops at the informational signs located throughout the refuge, observation of land and water features, and opportunities to identify birds, wildlife and vegetation.  Of course, the specific goals for each group are blended into the tour.

Migration time, especially in the spring, is probably the most popular time to visit Camas, particularly for birders and the general public.  But there is something of interest happening year-round, so programs and tours can be tailored to meet the needs of any group, any time.  Nature scavenger hunts, a Day of Reflection with journaling, vegetation management, hands-on activities, can all be folded into the visit. 

Camas is a wonderful place to tour and learn.  Schedule a visit soon!

Friends of Camas, Idaho Master Naturalists, and refuge staff often take photographs of group activities on the refuge.  If you schedule a visit and have young people joining you (less than 18 years old) please complete this form and bring it with you on your visit to Camas.