Submit Your Photographs

Each month the Friends of Camas will post an exemplary photograph submitted by the public as the Photo of the Month.  Only electronic submissions will be accepted.  The preferred format is a medium to high resolution jpg or png file.  Submit photos as an attachment to

Submissions for Photo of the Month should include a title for the image and a short (100 word max) narrative describing the image.  The email subject line must include "Photo of the Month."

All submissions MUST include, in the body of the e-mail, the statement:    "I accept the conditions of the Agreement for the Use of Image."   Submissions lacking that statement will not be considered.

Agreement for use of Image

I understand that by uploading an image/images to this site that I grant to
Friends of Camas National Wildlife Refuge (FoC) the use of my photographic
image(s) on the FoC web site in the Bird of the Month, Photo of the Month, or
more broadly in the image gallery contained on their web site, without any
consideration or compensation. I also understand that I, the photographer, retain
all rights to the image. I authorize FoC to edit and alter (resize, crop to fit,
brighten/darken where appropriate) the photograph as needed. Credit will be
given to the photographer. I also understand that if the Friends of Camas NWR
wishes to use my photograph for any additional purposes that they will need to
seek my permission prior to doing so.

In addition, any photograph which includes a recognizable image of a person under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a signed copy of the Agreement for the Use of Likeness. Click Here to download that agreement. 

At his discretion, the photo editor may add exceptional photo submittals to the 'Gallery' pages. 

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