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March 2018

Photo by Patty Pickett

Getting into Nature

March 27, 2018

Spring is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors with the family.  There are many ways to get children actively involved scientifically with nature. The simplest way to become engaged is through the process of observation.  Simple scavenger hunts, or camera safaris create opportunities for children to analyze and verbalize about the world around them.  Bird watching is a great way to observe and make notes of animals in their natural habitats. The Friends of Camas website has a list of birds to watch for in the area.

Categorizing is another important scientific skill that can be a lot of fun for kids.  Make a collections of leaves, rocks, or bugs and then group them according to various attributes.  The attributes can be as simple as size or color for the younger child, or more complicated like shape and types of leaves.  

With a simple search there are many educational and fun activities that can be used to engage the whole family in natural scientific inquiry.

Bird feeders

Bird watching scavenger hunt

Bug collecting – pooter

Magnetic shells

Build a terrarium

Making Camas National Wildlife Refuge a part of your family outdoor experience this spring is sure to add to your adventure. Thousands of birds and dozens of other wildlife species can be found and spring is just a great time to get out. We hope to see you at Camas!

Zoe Jorgensen

April 2018

2017 Contest First Place Winner, Sue Braastad

Second Annual Birdathon 

Come Join US!

     It is time.  Time to emerge from hibernation and shake off the cobwebs of winter.  Time for migrating back outdoors and enjoying the launch of Spring and all the new life that comes with it. Perhaps best of all it is time for the 2018 Birdathon!

      Put on by Friends of Camas NWR and the Snake River Audubon Society, the Bucks 4 Birds Birdathon event is a great opportunity to have some fun and support a couple of great organizations dedicated to promoting awareness of wild spaces and the species that depend on them. Sograb your binoculars and species checklist and head out to one of Southeast Idaho’s National Wildlife Refuges or Wildlife Management Areas Memorial Weekend and see how many bird species you, or a team you sponsor, can find. We will have an Awards Potluck Picnic Celebration at the home of Shari Sellars, 17155 Old Ririe Hwy, Ririe on Saturday, June 9th with prizes to be awarded.

     We encourage you to get sponsors (friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, or colleagues) to support our organizations by pledging a certain amount per species you find, or to be a sponsor for a birder. If you or someone you know would prefer to make a fixed donation to our organizations that’s great too!

Please see the links on the Friends of Camas Website or contact Pam Johnson at for application, rules and details.

Karl Bohan